How Do I Find Members?

Since you’re reading this page, the search has already begun with you! How many times have you thought “We should do this more often” after a great meal with friends? They’ve probably felt the same, so begin by talking to friends or colleagues who share an interest in good wines paired with good foods.  No one has to be an expert; the goal is to gather around a dining experience in the best spirit of friendship.


Branches must have a minimum of ten members. That said, a more sizeable group will provide an opportunity to do bigger and better things, as well as building in an allowance for schedule conflicts or attrition to ensure good attendance at events. Here are some specific suggestions for finding potential members:


  • Start with the most enthusiastic gourmands you know. Organize a meeting with them and ask them to invite one or two other interested people


  • Contact a wine merchant or restauranteur with whom you have a good relationship. They could recommend others who might be compatible with your core group of friends


  • Once you’re sure you have a good base of potential members, please contact us for more guidance. We’re here to help along the way because we want you to be part of IW&FS


We wish you the very best in Wine, Food and Friends,


Peter Miao, Branch Development Chairman


John Trickett, Branch Development Vice Chairman