How Do I Find Members?

Your interest in forming a Branch already reveals a core group from which to begin – your friends or colleagues that share an interest in food and wine.  These need not be experts by any means as the object is to gather together to enjoy and to learn on many levels.  Begin assembling a mailing list.

A beginning level group of ten persons will get you going nicely.  A more sizeable group might offer an opportunity to do bigger and better things and allow for schedule conflicts or attrition.

To expand upon your base to get the group established, you might consider:

Invite ten people that you know who have an interest, have each one invite one or two other interested people.

Contact a wine merchant with whom you have a good relationship, he might recommend others that might be interested.

Talk with a local cooking school, if available, to solicit the names of potentially interested persons.

Depending upon the size of your community, you may consider an article in a local publication, soliciting interested individuals, at least for introductory purposes. 

Remember, it is advantageous to have a diverse group.  Membership is to be open to single males and females or couples.

MOST IMPORTANT:  We are available to assist you.  Every situation is different, but with over 80 branches in the Americas, we have encountered many similarities with success stories.  Over 4,000 members in the Americas share your interest in wine and food and want your company.  IWFS Americas Inc. is ready to assist personally and enlist resources.