In 1993, The IWFS Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) was formed to fund scholarship grants to highly qualified students in the fields of oenology, viticulture and the culinary arts.  Over the years, Foundation grants have enabled aspiring winemakers and chefs at such esteemed institutions as the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and the University of California at Davis to pursue their avocations.

The Foundation is organized as a non-profit charity under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.  Thus, donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers. 

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While modest in amounts, Foundation scholarships have frequently made the financial difference enabling a student to undertake or complete a particular course of study.  The role of the Scholarship Committee of IWFS Americas Inc. is to develop criteria for the Foundation’s scholarships and to oversee the procedure for granting them. 

The Board of the Foundation is responsible for prudently managing the Foundation’s assets.  In today’s economic environment, these assets cannot produce significant returns on the Foundation’s investments.  The Foundation has consequently become more and more dependent on contributions from our Branches and individual members. 

The Committee awards scholarships each year to full-time students with a superior grade point average who can demonstrate the need for financial aid in order to continue their education.  To receive a Foundation grant, the student must be enrolled in oenology/viticulture or food, arts and management programs of an accredited school granting a degree or its equivalent in that major.  The student should also be involved in activities outside the classroom related to the wine and food industry and have shown character traits deserving of the award. 

Each year, the Scholarship Committee on behalf of the Foundation selects the schools whose students may apply for a grant.  The students’ applications and résumés are submitted to the scholarship committee of his or her school accompanied by a letter stating why he or she is requesting a scholarship.  The school may select the winning student or it may give the Branch closest to the school several applicants from which to choose.  The scholarship award is then presented by that Branch closest to the school.

Scholarship Committee and/or Branch members who have participated in the challenging task of selecting a scholarship recipient can attest to the importance of these grants.  Few activities are more satisfying than assisting bright, energetic young people reach their professional goals.  Unfortunately, the award  process also involves sadness because many other highly qualified candidates were in need of assistance whom the Foundation could not help. 

IWFS Americas Scholarship Committee encourages Branches to support local culinary arts, sommelier and viticulture programs.  Many Branches wish to give back to their respective communities and to encourage local talent to stay in the environs.  Fundraising opportunities for Branches are varied and boundless.  One branch, for example, used the occasion of an invitation to a restaurant opening to contribute the proceeds of the evening to the Foundation.  Another chose to honor the memory of its founder with its contribution.  The Committee will do what it can to support such efforts and Branch fundraisers will be reported in Wine, Food & Friends.

When funds become available, the Foundation will provide the Branches with matching funds to make the grants more meaningful.   Some states provide matching funds to students attending state schools, and we advise Branches to investigate tapping this possible additional source of funds. 

IWFS Americas encourages all Branches and individual members to assist in the expansion of the Foundation’s scholarship program so that in the future, other deserving candidates will be able to realize their dreams of careers in the world of wine and food.  No contribution is too great and none too small! 

Again, donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers and should be made payable to The IWFS Foundation, Inc..  Please mail them to:

The IWFS Foundation, Inc.
c/o Rose Clemson
14 O'Brien Court,
New Jersey, 07921

Announcements of scholarship awards and reports of fundraisers will be published if timely submitted to Wine, Food & Friends.  Photos should accompany the announcement or report. Please e-mail your announcements to Kathy Kallaus at and your photos to Joe Temple at or send them to Rose at the above address.  For details for submitting such news, please see Chapter 11 of this Branch Resource Manual.

To donate, you may wish to download the coupon below.

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