Interbranch Events

While the main purpose of the IW&FS is “the right understanding and enjoyment of fine wine and food,” camaraderie among our members is one of the most important reasons for our existence. One of the benefits we offer is the ability to participate in inter-branch activities, in which two or more branches, choosing a destination convenient to all, share two or three days of friendly enjoyment. Inter-branch functions may consist of such activities as a simple lunch alfresco or a gourmet dinner. For longer programs, a planned weekend includes visiting wineries, historic places, museums or other attractive venues.

These events are less expensive and less formal than a festival or cruise. You will meet like-minded friends and have the opportunity to explore and “live” the history, cuisine and wines from different parts of the country. The Americas is a vast region and each country and locality offers a unique gastronomic and wine pairing experience. Through these activities we broaden, strengthen and take full advantage of the camaraderie of our great Society.