IWFS Americas Inc.

How Directors are Elected, Board Objectives and Services Provided

IWFS Americas Inc. oversees the branches and membership throughout Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico, as well as Central and South America, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean.

The Board meets twice a year, and its Executive Committee, comprised of the Chair, the Senior Vice Chairs, the Secretary, the Treasurer and up to four other members as may be appointed by the Chair, meets as needed to make day-to-day decisions during the periods between Board meetings.  Term members are elected for a three-year period, subject to a maximum of five terms, with a view to representing as many branches as possible.  All Board members serve on one or more committees and receive no remuneration or reimbursement for their expenses, including those incurred in attending IWFS Americas Inc. meetings.  Members’ dues are used exclusively to pay for the Society’s operational expenses.

IWFS Americas Inc. maintains a number of standing committees which provide services to the branches and membership, including Awards, Branch Resources and Membership, Data Retention, E-Communications, Festivals and Events, Finance, Insurance, New Branch Development, Nominations, Publications and Scholarships.