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Visiting Major Wine Regions
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Website Help

How to Find Your Way Around the IWFS Web Site

The new site offers, in the first instance, much the same facilities as the previous onebut it looks different and works better on tablets and mobile phones.  In particular the Branches menu in the top left hand corner of the site has been replaced by a full page display that enables branches to be located on a map or an alphabetic list by name or geographic area.   In addition, members are able to access their branch pages with a single click, once they have logged in.  The notes below are intended to help you find your way around the new site.   You are strongly advised to sign in with your username and password for the best experience.

Home Page

There are three panels superimposed on the photo on the site home page which will take you straight to information on the latest international events in each zone.

The Menus

The site has three principal menus: the personal menu, the main menu and the page menus.

The Personal Menu is at the top right hand corner of the screen, and enables members to log in to the site.  Once you have done so, some additional options will appear on this menu:  
My Account will take you to your membership record, where you can update your contact details.  
My Branch will take you straight to the home page for your primary branch.
Logged-in members will also be able to see more items on the other menus.

The Main Menu is found a little further down the screen.  It has an item for each zone and also for some general information about the Society.  Each item has a drop-down sub-menu.

There is a Page Menu for each item on the main menu, which will appear on the left hand side of the screen when you are within that item’s area of the site.  It provides the links to enable you to navigate throughout that area.

The pages for each branch also have their own menus.

Mobile Menus

On narrower screens such as mobile phones or tablets in portrait orientation, the menus are displayed differently.   The menu symbol at the top left corner of the screen will bring up a drop down version of the main menu and the personal menu.   Once you have selected a main menu item, the relevant page menu can be opened by clicking the small arrow in the red menu bar below the photo.

Finding a Branch

Each zone has a Branches menu as the first item on its sub menu.  You can choose to see all branches within the zone displayed on a zoomable map, listed by country/geographical area, or listed alphabetically.  Click on the branch of your choice to visit its home page.

Updating your Membership Record

Log in to the site using the top right menu and then click My Account.  Your membership record will be displayed and you can click the pencil symbol in the top left hand corner of each panel to edit the relevant section.  When you are happy with the result, click Save Changes.

Branch Administration

Branch administrators please click here to view tutorial videos.