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Our regional organization starts with the shared values of our International Society. Please take a moment to review those pages. 

With 33 branches and over 1400 members in 14 countries throughout the region, the Asia Pacific Zone maintains a diversified programme of events which foster the appreciation and enjoyment of wine and food.

Our goals are to:

  • assist those interested in the intelligent enjoyment of wine and food to form new or join existing branches
  • help branches to grow and prosper
  • encourage the exchange of ideas and events between branches
  • facilitate the opportunity for members to attend events at companion branches when travelling in the zone
  • conduct regular gatherings of members from around the zone to explore our culinary and cultural diversity
  • provide opportunities for members to attend inter zone and international events
  • recognize the achievements of those who give meritorious service

In these pages you will see events which branches in our zone conduct for their members and which the zone conducts for the region as a whole.

Through branch links we aim to encourage awareness and exchange of ideas for events and best practice for event management.

Just hover over in the top left of this screen to see and explore the Branches in our area.  Scroll down and then click on the name of a Branch for further details.