There are many perquisites to membership in The International Wine & Food Society.  Members in the many branches across the Americas enjoy regular interaction with nearby friends.  Membership also provides an exclusive opportunity to participate in festivals with like-minded people from broad geographies for the celebration of wine, food and friends, in world class destinations. 

IWFS Americas Inc., which oversees the 70+ branches and 3600+ members in the Americas, sponsors regional festivals, events and cruises, primarily developed for its members.  The international organization sponsors an international festival every three years, in alternating regions. 

The concept of an IWFS "festival", formerly called "convention" until the mid-1980s, was to celebrate all that is special at one destination.  Certainly, the best of wine and food is offered, with top winemakers and chefs demonstrating their oenological and culinary skills.  Attendees enjoy fresh foods that flourish in the locale, indigenous game and fish, and local cooking styles.  Festivals are special; they hook us up with new friends, who also enjoy the many benefits of true dining, and they hook us in to what the destination is all about.

IWFS Americas Inc. hopes you will soon join us at one of our festivals, events or cruises.

Previous Festivals and Great Weekends:

2019 - Douro River Cruise

2018 - Quebec City

2018 - New York City

2017 - Baltimore

2017 - Sonoma

2016 - Niagara

2016 - Danube River Cruise

2015 - New Orleans

2015 - Miami

2014 - Rhone River Cruise

2013 - Puerto Vallarta