Branch Events

The Americas Region of the International Wine & Food Society (IW&FS) is made up of more than 75 branches and 4200 members.  Although joined by a shared appreciation of all things "wine & food" which fully enlists them as an IW&FS member branch, the branches act autonomously and are free to develop their own style of gatherings.  Many of the branches in the Americas will have one or a series of black tie dinners during the course of their season.  Others prefer more informal regular events, and some enjoy a combination of both.  There are branches in the Americas with well over one hundred members and others with fewer than twenty.  Some branches will have multiple events monthly, while others get togther only a few times each year. 

Dinners seem to be the most popular occasion to share wine and food, although weekend lunches and wine tastings are equally common.  Many branches travel to "wine country" regularly, sometimes for only a day and at other times covering a long weekend.  There has been an increased interest in recent years in branches sharing events.  One interesting meeting of the minds (and palates) occured between the Miami, Florida branch and the Niagara, Ontario branch.  After two very successful events together (one in each city), the originators are referring to themselves as members of the "Niami" branch. 

The quarterly newsletter sponsored by IWFS Americas Inc., Wine Food & Friends, regularly prints Branch Preceedings Reports (BPRs), summaries of the varied and distinct events produced by all the region's member branches in recent months.  The tales of special wine & food pairings, event themes, talented chefs and marvelous times at these gatherings shine a light on why the IW&FS remains such a popular organization among those who enjoy all the pleasures of the table.