Worldwide Camaraderie

More than 6,200 members in 130 branches located in 30 countries make up the International Wine & Food Society.  In the Americas alone, there are 80 branches totaling over 4,200 members. Through our long history, a unique level of camaraderie has evolved within and among branches and regions. 

Opportunities to participate with like minded individuals in wine and food centric activities are created by a binding force like the IW&FS.  At the branch level, commonality of interest and local events build strong personal relationships.  That same bond extends regionally and internationally.  Through active involvement in the Society, you can find a network of relationships that may be otherwise difficult or impossible to build.

While traveling to exotic places and visiting other branches you will meet wonderful people, make new friends, enjoy fabulous dinners prepared by the area’s finest chefs, and drink some of the greatest wines in the world.  Moreover, when visiting other cities, branch contacts from the area are excellent source of information regarding the best restaurants, wines, lodging and tourists’ attractions.

Over 6,200 new friends are waiting to greet you, across town, states or provinces, countries and continents.