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Visiting Major Wine Regions
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The International Wine and Food Society is a confederation of branches, organised into three Regions or Zones.  Each Zone is headed up by a Limited Company to which members in that zone sign up and pay annual subscriptions. Each branch operates under its own constitution, approved by its members and its Regional committee, and is focused on the vision of our founder, André Simon.  As such, membership policies range widely.

Most commonly, people join a branch (and therefore the Society) after an invitation from a member.  Interested individuals may usually attend one or more events as a guest before deciding to join.  Within very broad limits, branches are free to set their own membership rules. 

Many branches welcome new members from the general public.  Use the Branches menu to locate information about branches in the Europe & Africa Zone.  You can contact any branch by clicking on “Contact” within the branch folder.

Alternatively you may want to click here to ask the EAZ Membership Registrar about the most suitable Branch for you to join. There are a few members who join the Society without joining a branch for the benefits of the quarterly journal, regional events and the members' only area of this website.

Click here to download a Membership Application Form with details of Society subscription rates.  There may be a small branch subscription in addition.