The  Society makes awards to Restaurants and other venues that offer outstanding quality of food, wine and service. 

Our Gold Standard Restaurant Award is made at the discretion of the Regional Committee, according to very strict criteria.  

The new, less onerous Excellence Award may be made at the discretion of Branch Committees, provided that certain criteria are satisfied.    It will give Branches the opportunity to reward a greater number of Venues and thus to increase the visibility of the Society in their area. Our aim is to raise awareness of IWFS in the hospitality industry and amongst its clientele, such that within a few years the brand and what it stands for become as widely recognised and respected as other comparable restaurant awards. To this end a centralised register of Excellence Venues will be held on this website, which should in time build up into a helpful resource for members and the public at large.

The Society’s new Excellence Award, currently in its pilot phase, has been enthusiastically received by venues across the country. These have ranged from hotels and high-end restaurants to country pubs and catering colleges. The scheme will be launched to all EAZ branches over the summer. 

“We are very proud to be the first recipients in this area to receive the Award – it means a lot to us and we shall display the sticker and leaflets with pride”

Simon & Sharon Pledge, The Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick, Somerset

“It is incredible to receive this award from the International Wine & Food Society. Our students work hard to master their craft, and to be recognised for this by such a prestigious organisation motivates and enthuses our learners in their pursuit for excellence.”

Paul Ratcliffe, Chief Lecturer and Course Leader in Hospitality & Catering,
Warrington Vale Royal College 

“  …. the Excellence Award opens up new channels with hospitality and forges a firmer link with venues which in the longer term should raise the IWFS profile and member numbers.”

Tim Hodges, Chairman, Merseyside & Mid-Cheshire Branch

For further information see Food & Wine March 2022 edition and updates in subsequent online newsletters or contact Leonie Allday either direct or via the Secretariat.