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The Society's Annual Vintage Card is released in October each year having been thoroughly reviewed by the distinguished members of the IWFS Wines Committee, which includes several Masters of Wine. Vintage assessments are provided for key regions around the world and the Wines Committee try to ensure that regions are reviewed and assessed as to whether they are worthy for inclusion. 

Every care is taken to produce accurate ratings, but inevitably there will be exceptions. There are always some good wines made when a vintage does not warrant a high rating and some poor wines produced in the best vintages. For our 2023/24 Card it is interesting to note that there are currently only two regions which have so far been awarded a top 7 rating - Bordeaux (reds) and Sierra Foothills in California.  This can be partly put down to the problems and extremes in the world weather but also the Wines Committee are cautious and would prefer to score a 6 that they may increase to a 7, rather than hope for 7 with the risk of moving down. As a reminder, when using our Vintage Card please note that our team of consultants are judging the better wines which are made to develop and improve. 

The 2023/24 Vintage Card is now available to purchase from the International Secretariat of the IWFS in London.  It is a very useful token gift for friends, family and colleagues and it is just the right size to include with a card or letter. 

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2023/24 Vintage Card PricinG
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12 £2.35 £28.20
25 £2.22 £55.50
50 £2.12 £106.00
100 £2.00 £200.00

Please note the following:

  • Minimum order: 12 cards.
  • Over 100 Vintage Cards — price on application.
  • Prices are in UK sterling and include postage and packing.

Please note there is a limited supply of Vintage Cards and therefore will be subject to availability.

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