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Int'l Council & Regions

The Late André L Simon, CBE, Légion d'Honneur
A J A Symons

Hon President
David R Felton


Int'l Council & Regions


IWFS Ltd International Council of Management  (May 2017)

  • Ian Nicol (UK) - Chairman, Area Representative, Europe & Africa 
  • Dwight Catherwood (USA), Treasurer, Area Representative, Americas
  • Mike Donohoe (USA) - Area Representative, Americas 
  • Andrew Jones (Cayman Islands) - Area Representative, Americas
  • Michael Messent (UK) - Secretary
  • John Nicholas (Switzerland), Area Representative, Europe & Africa
  • Ms Yvonne Wallis (Australia), Area Representative, Asia Paciļ¬c
  • Mrs Andrea Warren (London, UK) - Administrator

Regional Companies:

IWFS Americas Inc, October 2017 (Branch names in brackets)

  • Mike Donohoe (Houston & Santa Fe) Chairman 
  • Antonio Escudero-Viera (Puerto Rico), Vice-Chairman & Secretary
  • Dwight Catherwood (Los Angeles), Treasurer
  • Mrs Kathy Kallaus (Jacksonville), Publisher
  • Chris Ankner (New York)
  • David R Felton (Pasadena) 
  • José R Garrigó (Miami)
  • Stephen Hipple (Nebraska)
  • Andrew J Jones (Cayman Islands & New York)
  • Mark Lazar (Montreal)
  • Ove Minsos (Edmonton)
  • Jay Schlott (Paradise Valley)
  • Carl Tinkelman (Philadelphia)
  • Mrs Martha Russel (Toronto)
  • Steven Greenwald (Washington DC)
  • Mrs Rose Clemson (New York City) - Administrator

IWFS Asia Pacific Ltd, April 2018 (Branch names in brackets)

Executive Committee

  • James Lin (Taipei), Chairman
  • Michael Tamburri (Western Australia) Senior Vice-Chairman
  • Nicola Lee (Singapore), Junior Vice-Chairman
  • Erik Lehnacker (Victoria), Treasurer/Secretary
  • Rajan Karunakaran (Kuala Lumpur), Deputy Secretary
  • Yvonne Wallis (Victoria), President
  • Dennis Tanaka (Tokyo Bay), Executive Committee Member
  • David Teh (Kuala Lumpur), Executive Committee Member
  • Eddie Hu (Taipei), Executive Committee Member

Branch Representatives

  • Zsuszanna Tanto-Rangi (Auckland)
  • Terence Yiin (Beijing City, China)
  • Nirmal Bhogilal (Bombay)
  • Jai Hiremath (Bombay)
  • Corinne Joseph (Cebu)
  • Takeshi Kanemori (Chaoyang District, Beijing)
  • Christophe Piganiol (Decanting Soul, Seoul)
  • Rajiv Kehr (Delhi)
  • TBA (Hong Kong Island)
  • Karen Leung (Hong Kong Pearl)
  • Andrew Soong (Ipoh)
  • Ayodhya Glenardi (Jakarta)
  • Hisaka Nagano (Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)
  • Charles Lin (Kaohsiung)
  • Cecilia Juntereal (Manila Ladies)
  • Michael Whyte (Margaret River)
  • Ken Farrow (New South Wales)
  • Cheong Ka Wang (Penang)
  • Othmar Ober (Philippines)
  • Primitivo Garcia (Philippines)
  • Akihito Tanaka (Roppongi)
  • John Gardner (Saigon)
  • Jaesoo Kim (Seoul)
  • Yi Wang (Shanghai)
  • How Sheng Lee (Singapore)
  • Chris Chien (Taichung)
  • Wendy Lee (Taiwan Belle)
  • Jean-Francois Minier (Tokyo)
  • Ulrich Kunzmann (Western Australia)


IWFS Europe Africa Ltd, January 2018 (Branch names in brackets)

  • Ian Nicol (Blackpool & Fylde Coast), Chairman, Council Chairman
  • Michael Messent (Wessex), Vice Chair & Legal Advisor, Alternate on Council
  • David Chapman (Manchester), Secretary
  • John Nicholas (Zurich), Treasurer, EAZ, Council member 
  • Mrs Margaret Chippendale (Manchester), Membership Registrar
  • Dr Tricia Fletcher (Manchester), Awards Officer
  • Hilton Kuck (Cape Town), African Branches Representative
  • Mrs Stephanie Shepherd (London), Events Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Leonie Allday (Bath & Bristol), Marketing
  • Mr Peter McGahey (Herefordshire & Monmouthshire), Events support\
  • Mr Peter Diamond (London), Committee Member