One of the most popular benefits of membership in The International Wine & Food Society is Wine, Food & Friends--the quarterly journal published by IWFS Americas Inc. and sent to all members in the Americas. Past issues of WF&F are also available on this website to members.

Branches and individual members are encouraged to submit articles of general interest in the fields of wine, food, travel and camaraderie for publication.  The IW&FS has the good fortune of having talented members who can give others of us the benefits of their expertise and experiences. 

Much of WF&F is devoted to reports and photos of  Branch events, be it at a restaurant, a member’s home or a travel destination.  Besides being fun for members to see news and photos of their functions in print, the reports are a valuable resource for event ideas.  Branches also use WF&F as a public relations tool for recruiting new members.  Chefs, restauranteurs and vintners especially appreciate recognition in articles and Branch reports.

WF&F alerts IW&FS members to international and regional festivals as well as cruises and long weekend events organized by the  of Governors of the Americas, the Europe/Africa Committee, the Asia Pacific Zone and the International Council of Management.  Then, attendees of these exclusive events report on their unique experiences so others of us can enjoy them vicariously and wish we’d been there. 

IW&FS scholars, whether recipients of grants from Branches or IW&FS foundations, are profiled in WF&F.   Reviews of books authored by members which may be of interest to our membership as food and wine lovers are welcome.  

Members may enter their photos in the annual WF&F Shutterbug Contest with winners and runners-up being published.  We encourage all to participate.  And you may find your photo published in another context, including here on the website.

And, finally, WF&F keeps members current on IW&FS business, finances and management.  Each year a Directory, available to members only, is published listing contact information for the International Council, the Governors of the Americas and the Branch Contacts for each Branch in the Americas.  In the summer, the Secretariat headquartered in London sends a listing of Branch Contacts world-wide to all members. 

Members are encouraged to save the directories because such Branch Contact information is critical for the traveling IW&FS member:  whether you are visiting Anchorage, Dubai or Istanbul, you will have someone to contact for local restaurant recommendations and perhaps for attending a local Branch event.  Many friendships have grown from this wonderful benefit of membership.




The Vintage Card

The IW&FS Vintage Card, which also serves as a membership card, is sent to our members annually.  The vintage data on the card is thoroughly reviewed each year and updated by members of the Wine Committee, which includes several Masters of Wine.  Each major wine region of the world receives an annual score and shows recommendations in regard to maturity and longevity for the dozen or so most recent vintages along with older, selected vintages.  This handy laminated tri-fold card is very durable and can easily slip into a billfold.



The Society has published 14 monographs since 1996.  These are professionally produced booklets on topics of our common interests.  These are available in print, and members can download them from this web site.


  • Reflections through a wine glass: some contemporary issues explored, Bob Campbell MW (2014), No. 15
  • An Appreciation of the Age of Wine, Sid Cross, IW&FS Honorary President (2012), No. 14
  • Biodynamics in Wine, Beverley Blanning MW (2011), No.13
  • Icewine, John Schreiner (2004), No.12
  • The Science of Taste, Ruth Binney (2003), No.11
  • Truffles, Michael Raffael (2002), No.10
  • Chianti Classico, Tom Maresca (2002), No.9
  • Barolo, Stephen Hobley (2001), No.8
  • Traditional French Cheeses, Judy Ridgway (2001), No.7
  • Chablis, Michael Edwards (2001), No.6
  • Growers’ Champagne, Philippe Boucheron (2000), No.5
  • Tokaji, Ben Howkins (1999), No.4
  • Wine and Health, Paul Scholten, MD (1997), No.3
  • A Dissertation on Wine Waiters, Christopher Fielden (1996), No.2
  • Visiting Vineyards, David Wolfe (1996), No.1