The International Wine & Food Society in America, Inc. (the IW&FS Foundation) was incorporated as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation in the United States. Donations to the IW&FS Foundation are income tax deductible for U.S. citizens.

The Foundation’s purpose is to fund scholarships to highly qualified students in the fields of oenology, viticulture and the culinary arts. From endowment funds initially placed by the Society with the Foundation, grants and scholarships have enabled aspiring winemakers and chefs to pursue their avocations. In this manner, the Society gives back to the industry which nourishes its members, while concurrently awarding scholarships to students who are enrolled in highly accredited degree-granting institutions and who demonstrate the need for financial assistance as well as having distinguished themselves by their involvement in campus and community activities.

For over 15 years the Foundation has awarded annual scholarships to deserving students at the University of California Davis, the Culinary Institute of America, Florida International University School of Hospitality Management and to IW&FS Canada, which itself is incorporated as a Foundation in Canada for the purpose of awarding funds as matching grants to various Canadian branches.