Information on Membership

The International Wine & Food Society is a confederation of branches each operating under its own rules and regulations but focused on the vision of our founder, André Simon. As such, membership policies range widely. There are currently 4,000+ members in 78 branches of the International Wine and Food Society in the Americas.

There are three ways to join:

Join an Existing Branch

Under most circumstances, people join a branch (and therefore the Society) after an invitation from a member. They usually are required to attend one or more events as a guest before being formally invited to join the branch. Within very broad limits, branches are free to set their own membership standards.

Many branches welcome new members from the general public. Understandably, some branches may be at an ideal membership capacity, and won't be in need of new members at that time. Identify the branch or branches in your geographic area by scrolling through the list of branches. Click on the branches of your interest to learn more about them. Clicking "Contact" will allow you to email your request to the proper Branch Contacts.

Become an Independent Member

Contact the Independent Members Americas for more information.

Start a New Branch

If you find that there is no branch in your preferred geographic region, we encourage you to initiate the journey into creating a new branch. We will respond promptly, and assist you down this exciting road toward "Wine, Food & Friends."