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“Sitting down with like-minded people at a table laden with good food and wine almost always ensures good conversation, most often relaxed and lengthy.”

 --- Member since 1994



While the benefit of sharing a passion for wine and food with other like-minded people is obvious, there are many other tangible benefits of being a member of the Society.

All society members are invited to:

  • Attend IW&FS events and festivals around the world
  • Learn about wines and foods of the world
  • Have the support of an international organization in putting on your local event through :
    • Monographs on subjects ranging from Biodynamics to French Cheese
    • IW&FS publications
    • Gain insider access to wineries and restaurants
    • Carry one of our unique vintage cards, providing an assessment of vintages from around the world with ratings ranging from 1 to 7 as well as insights on the vintage’s current drinkability.
    • Access insider travel information from contacts in existing branches
    • Access public liability insurance for the benefit of branches and members worldwide
    • Partake of unique local events in the company of friends who share your passion for wine, food, and education