Commissioned wine articles

Please find below a selection of articles which have been either commissioned by the IW&FS or have been kindly offered by the author to be available for members.  The topics covered provide an insight into specific wines or regions and we trust they will allow you to add to your bank of knowledge about wine!  

These articles will have already been featured either in our zone publications.   A number of the authors are also members of our highly valued Wines Committee providing their expert knowledge to enable us to update our Vintage Card.  If you click on their name you will be taken to the Wines Committee page providing background information on them and their fellow consultants.

We trust that you find one or two topics of interest below.  Do watch this space as we will be adding articles during the year.  Please provide feedback if you wish on our blog by clicking here.



 Oregon - Oregon Wine Matures by Katherine Cole - January 2023

Portugal - Heading north to the wines of the Dao region by Charles Metcalfe - October 2022

Loire - 450 miles of excellent wines by Jim Budd - May 2022


South America - Thrilling new caminos by Amanda Barnes - March 2022

Faulty & Undrinkable by Keith Grainger - April 2021















  • SAKE: Its Culture, History and ‘Need to Know’ facts by Marie Cheong-Thong - click here



  • Savoie: The Wines and Foods of the French Alps, by Wink Lorch - click here

  • Champagne à Table: The Gastronomic Position of Champagne throughout History,  by Caroline Henry - click here


  • Chianti & Its Grapes by Nicolas Belfrage MW - to read Nick's article click here
  • A tasting of European greats in Melbourne by James Halliday - to read James' article click here
  • Victoria wines from full-bodied to sparkling - a Melbourne Festival pre-tour article - click here to read 


  • Mapping out Chilean wine and Gastronomy by Amanda Barnes - to read Amanda's article click here
  • Rise and Rise of Kiwi Pinot Noir by Bob Campbell MW - to read Bob's article click here