The International Wine & Food Society website is frequently updated with new features and functionality. For members, it offers a host of information about the Society, its history, regions and branches, along with topics that bind our interests: wine, food and friends. Functionality includes communication among regions and branches, event calendars and reports, on-line membership data, event registration and more. Resources include Society manuals, documents, publications, articles, IW&FS graphics and the like. Content and capabilities are continually updated by the Society’s International Council, its regions and branches.

Our website, provides all branches with a powerful tool for creating their own web presence. There is no additional cost to utilize this tool. Each branch creates its own web pages for public or member-only view, with individual user name and password security. Membership records, event calendars, branch reports, restaurant reviews, photo and document downloads, “Contact Us” and many other capabilities are available. Each branch can express itself to its members and to the public to the limit of its creativity.

The website links the Society’s three regions: the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Pacific and our many branches together. Mutual interests, traveling enhancement opportunities, local knowledge and other resources are efficiently shared in a common forum. Our members enjoy worldwide connectivity for wine, food and friends.