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Vintage Guide for 2022

This year a summary of vintage reports for all the regions featured is being compiled.  Thanks go to many of our consultants who have done this for us, again giving us such information freely, and providing an informed insight into why the quality of the latest vintage has been graded as it has.

We hope you find this useful.

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we have made new additions including an IWFS Merchandise button so you can place your order for branded Society items to raise the profile of your events or order an IWFS lapel badge to wear with pride and spread the word about this magnificent society. Click here to download.

Wine & Food App

The pairing of wine and food has been fully reviewed by an expert and professional in food and wine matchings.  We do hope that you welcome the comprehensive range of matchings now available at your fingertips.   Download your copy now via this link: - the new additions are currently being loaded and should be available at the beginning of July. 

new Monograph - A Guide to Modern Madeira

we are now busy working on bringing you this modern and updated overview of madeira. Author and madeira expert, Richard Mayson has written the monograph with a view to taking ‘some of the mystery out of Madeira, the islands and the wines they produce’.

Richard has also provided some useful wine and food matchings and which could provide inspiration for future branch events…..?!

2022 André Simon lecture

For the foodies amongst you then you must listen to Suzanne Mustacich who presented “The Great Comeback: French Sauces”. Suzanne talks about the history, origins and evolution of French gastronomy and sauces at the hands of the great chefs Taillevent, Varenne, Carême and Escoffier; and then bringing her research up-to-date and looking at the great comeback at the hands of top chefs such as Yannick Alléno.  You can watch Suzanne’s presentation on the website via this link

Wine Articles

Have you read? We regularly commission articles from leading experts in primarily wine topics and which are published in your zone magazine. Please go to this link to catch up on those you may have missed. The latest is by Loire expert Jim Budd who takes you through the wines you should try from this region which covers no less than 450 miles.


Did you know Sid's Blog has around 4,000 visitors to Sid's Blog every month? If you are not one of them then click here to find out what you are missing…

A topic in the news and recently posed on ASK SID was: SHOULD WINE BOTTLES BE MADE OUT OF PAPER?  Sid now expands further on this ‘A key goal is to make the world more SUSTAINABLE. Everywhere you look these days there is a new idea emerging for changing your habits to help save the environment. Agriculture and wine production are among the front runners in looking to build a better planet for everyone to live on. Among the current thoughts are using lighter containers instead of heavier bottles for wine resulting in a lower carbon footprint.  How about wine bottles made out of paper?”

This was the question raised on May 11, 2022 on the IWFS website.  ‘ASK SID’ is posted every WINE WEDNESDAY. You can access these interesting matters by going to the link as well as the weekly wine & food feature written by Sid Cross each Monday.

The wine bottles made out of paper idea follows earlier postings on ASK SID on Changes in wine bottle packaging on May 20, 2020 and Why more wines in Cans? on January 22, 2020.

The Cantina Goccia website sets out some good arguments for choosing the Frugal Bottle by British firm Frugalpac. They are an Italian winery in Umbria making first use of this concept of 94% recycled paper for their 3Q wine. They list 6 good reasons to adopt the Paper Bottle:

  1. Lighter - only 83 grams up to 5 times lighter than glass
  2. Smaller Carbon Footprint - better for our environment being 6 times lower
  3. Easy to Recycle
  4. Less Plastic - 77% less than a plastic bottle
  5. Easily Branded - 360 degree branding all over the paper bottle
  6. Convenient for Wine Producers