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The Essential Guide to Modern Madeira

This monograph has been a long time in the pipeline but, like the wine itself, it has developed over the years and we are extremely please with the quality of the final product.  By the time you read this your copy should be with you or, if not, it will be on its way to your branch.

In the introduction, author Richard Mayson, who is a leading expert, if not the leading expert, on madeira wine, says ‘This short monograph is intended to help take some of the mystery out of Madeira, the islands and the wines they produce.’  In this pocket-sized monograph you can get a taste of all there is to know about madeira including how it is made, the key producers, different styles, plus Richard’s recommended wines and what dishes are best to drink it with.

We trust members welcome the colourful fold-out map of the island, commissioned by the IWFS, so you can get your bearings whilst reading it.  The map also provides an up-to-date record of key grape growing areas, which have diminished somewhat over the years, and shows the best roads to follow to enjoy the ‘real’ Madeira, off the highways!

Further copies can be purchased from your zone merchandise pages for your friends, family or colleagues who might like a copy.

As Richard advises, a great plus about enjoying a madeira is that you don’t have to drink a bottle all at one sitting, you can revisit it for many weeks, months or even years (if it is well stoppered).  So, in our busy lives, you can combine enjoying this monograph and a glass of madeira as and when you wish – rather than all in one go.


Branded Gift Bottle Bags

For the upcoming holiday season these new branded IWFS gift bottle bags will be available for each branch to use as you wish – maybe to present a thank you to your chosen restaurants or to your members.  A supply will be forwarded to each branch, free of charge, based on the number of memberships per branch.   We trust that you welcome this new way to promote the IWFS with your members or locally.  Members and branches will be able to purchase further supplies.  Happy Holidays! 

Vintage Card & App

The Vintage Card has been updated and you will receive your copy upon renewal of the 2023 membership of the IWFS.  New regions are Sicily, Oregon (Chardonnay) South Africa (white wines).  If you prefer to view this information online, the Vintage App is available to view (the updated version will be available by the end of the month). 

News for this year is that the Wines Committee have reviewed the regions included on the Card and noted that there are some regions producing wines which have the potential to age and have a cellar life of at least 10 years, which are not included.  The Committee discussed a number of regions and identified two styles of wines which should now feature having gained recognition for their quality.  They are Oregon, Chardonnay and white wines from South Africa.  These wines will feature in our 2023 Vintage Card. The two regions that will step aside to make way for these are Sierra Foothills, Syrah and New Zealand, North Island (although the assessments will be available on the Member App this year).

Member App

A reminder that we are regularly updating the information available on our App for members.  Make sure you have it to hand to find – download now!

Wine articles

Have you read the latest article looking at the current wine scene of the Dão region in northern Portugal?  UK wine writer, Charles Metcalfe begins the article with ‘Marvels of glittering purity and freshness, that's my judgement of the best wines of northern Portugal's Dão region’.

Click here  to read.  



A hot topic last month was:

Why is there so much interest this year in 2020 Pouilly-Fuisse?

Sid’s reply: "Several reasons, including the quality of the 2020 vintage and the still reasonable price of Pouilly-Fuisse and other white wines from the Maconnais. However, the biggest explanation is because this is the first year of 22 climats there being given approved Premier Cru status. Consumers are anxious to try some and compare them for uniqueness of style and distinct terroir. Check out 2020 Pouilly-Fuisse!"

‘ASK SID’ is posted every WINE WEDNESDAY. Or check out his weekly post. A recent post looks at the wonders of the 1999 and 2001 Bordeaux vintages.  Are they under-rated and should they be explored?  Read here.