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New For Members

Blended scotch - extended version for 2021 monograph

In spite of its global popularity, Blended Scotch, has been largely ignored by publishers. Charles MacLean and Stuart Leaf will rectify this in our forthcoming monograph on the subject.  In order to also do justice to this topic it will be an ‘extended’ edition.  Watch this space for details! 

Branch Directory updated for 2021/2022

The latest up-to-date details of IWFS branch contacts around the globe will be available in the coming months in our new Branch Directory – just as travel restrictions begin to be lifted.  You may be beginning to make travel plans in which case please do use this to talk with the local branch contact and find out ‘the’ places to visit and who is new on the local food and wine scene.  Whether you are looking for a vacation at home or abroad this holds the key to a wealth of invaluable knowledge and recommendations – all part of your IWFS membership and something just money cannot buy.

Faults & flaws in wine

With the faults in some wines on the increase we commissioned an article, for the Zone magazines,  written by Keith Grainger who is a wine writer, educator, consultant winemaker, expert and author on this topic.  Keith identifies two of the most serious faults that many of you will have encountered when opening a bottle of wine - ‘cork taint’ and the less well known, but increasingly problematic fault, lightstrike. To view the article, as published in Spring 2021 issue of Wine Food & Friends, click here.

Member app - new update

This is a ‘must download’ for all members.  Why?  We are regularly reviewing the content and we have recently made additions. Now at the click of a button, on your phone or tablet, you can access the exclusive IWFS Vintage Card, read the latest issue of The Grapevine and your Zone magazine (and others too), view the Society Archives and also see the updates on the amazing Society Festivals planned around the world. Don’t miss out. Click here to download now. 


Due to the popularity of our previous branch Champagne stopper promotion we are pleased to advise the offer will continue, and a further order has been placed.  These new, upgraded IWFS branded Champagne stoppers will be available in the coming weeks.  Branches may order up to 50 stoppers free of charge with a maximum equivalent to the number of memberships in your branch plus a quantity for recruiting new members. As before we would encourage you to use them as gifts fo your members at branch events or for prospective members.  Orders for delivery should be sent to: Americas - Rose Clemson and Europe Africa and Asia Pacific should be sent to Andrea Warren