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Right Bank Millennial's


Unlike children born at this time, the Millennial Vintage for Bordeaux was never any trouble and was an outstanding one for the vintage.   Being a great classic year for Bordeaux, many of the top Millennial wines are only now starting to be approachable.  On the right bank, however, with its Merlot predominance, the wines are already starting to approach their peak.


To study the evolution of a clutch of wonderful Right Bank wines, we were fortunate to dip into the stocks of one of our members’ ample and wide selection of wines, like the Virginie de Valandraud 2000, Château Valandraud 2000, Château Beau-Sejour Becot 2000, Château Croix de Labrie  2000, Château Quinault L'Enclos  2000, Clos L'Eglise  2000, Château La Gomerie  2000, Château Peby Faugeres  2000, Château Magrez Fombrauge  2000.


This was a truly stunning line-up especially considering the careful selection of wines that delivered a fantastic value for this quality.


The first event for the new calendar year was held on Saturday, 19th January 2019 @ The Clearing House in Ballard Estate.