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VIth Anniversary Dinner

Theme: VIth Anniversary Dinner
Venue: ITC Grand Central Hotel
Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai
Date: Aug 31, 2012
Time: 7.30pm
Chef: Dharshan Munidasa

Most of our dinners thus far have been dedicated to, or influenced by,  European Cuisine.  But the fact that there are more 3 Star Michelin eating establishments in Tokyo than Paris & London put together tells us that we should be experimenting more with Japanese cuisine.

A visit to the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo to witness the daily 4 AM tuna auction and to also view all the incredible fish, other sea creatures, fruits and vegetables arrayed in the market takes you to another world.  It is here that one realizes why Japanese cuisine is typified by great ingredients and clean flavours.

Chef Dharshan Munidasa shops in Tsukiji on Wednesday, August 29th morning and flies direct to Mumbai so that we can experience these very ingredients fresh from the market for our VIth Anniversary Dinner on Friday 31stAugust, 2012.  We will assemble over Champagne as is customary and from a Jeroboam this time, at 7:30 PM at ITC Grand Central Hotel, Lower Parel for sit-down at 8 PM sharp. 

Besides Wagyu from Matsuzaka, which will be served in the highest available grade A5 (not seen in our country yet) another highlight will be a comparative tasting of Big Eye Tuna from the warm Indian Ocean vs cold water Blue fine Tuna from the Pacific.                                                                                                         

A Japanese Sommelier has been crowned a few years ago as World Sommelier of the Year and the country boasts of many highly knowledgeable and passionate Sommeliers.  One such lady Sommelier is helping us with pairing.

Dharshan is considered a living legend in Colombo where he has been running inarguably the best Japanese restaurant in all of South Asia since the past 17 years.  This John Hopkins graduate has no formal training in cooking but gets his Japanese roots and passion from a Japanese mother.  Dharshan also runs a TV food show that has just completed filming a second season and, earlier this year, launched a phenomenal new restaurant based on the famous Sri Lankan Lagoon crab; called the Ministry of Crab. He has the current Captain and previous Captain of the national Cricket team as partners in this venture.


Non Vegetarian   Vegetarian
The Tunas - Big Eye Tuna from the Indian Ocean and Blue Fin Toro from Northern Japan   Avocado and Konyaku Sashimi
Oyster Sashimi   Yuba Sashimi (Light Tofu Skin)
Sea Weed Salad with Fresh Yuzu and Micro Tomato
Warm Tofu with Katsuobushi Oil   Warm Tofu with Shiitake stock Soy, flavoured Soy
Matsuzaka Steak and Blufin Tuna Steak with Wasabi Olive Oil   Aubergine in Miso
Ten Sabi Temaki   Ten Sabi with Okra
Salmon Blow Torched Sushi   Cream Cheese Sushi