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September Events

September 25, 2014
Theme Degustation by Bruce Ricketts
Venue Mecha Uma
Date Sep 25, 2014

With this dinner, we bring back Bruce Ricketts to you - those who were at the dinner last May to have more of his cooking and those who haven't yet but would like to try his cooking, this time in his new restaurant, Mecha Uma. 

This is what we wrote about Bruce last May: 

"Many of you may have already heard about Broosy or been to his restaurant in Paranaque, Sensei Sushi.  Since his return to the Philippines from the US 3 years ago at the age of 21, Broosy has been creating quite a stir in the local culinary scene making him the brightest rising star, not just among his contemporaries, but even among those who precede him in age and experience.  His approach to food is based on seafood and ingredients hand-carried fresh daily from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo and available in the local markets and how he interprets them at that moment.  In his words, he describes it as "interpreting ingredients with a Japanese sensibility from a non-Japanese, letting ingredients speak for themselves".  So the food is eclectic and not entirely Japanese.  What is startling is what he is able to do, even putting out molecular gastronomy-like dishes, with the ingredients in the barest of kitchens ever seen in a restaurant (a burner and a small oven) not because he wants to make a statement but because, as he humbly admits, he did not have the money for it.  He will soon have one in his new 20-seater restaurant at the Fort (in June) with the backing of The Moment Group (Mecha Uma, Linguini Fini, Cue, Phat Pho, Burger Bar, 8-Cuts, Manam, Bistro du Vin, Din Tai Fung).  It was for this reason that we think this dinner is special to have him cook for us before he gets busier and more popular at a location that is more accessible to most of us."

Please click here for a copy of the menu.