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IWFS Philippines (Manila, Philippines)


The Philippines Branch was chartered on October 20, 1982 with 27 members.  Today, with membership of around 46, the branch is no longer exclusively for men since 2016 and offers since 2023 single and joint membership. A new member would typically be invited and sponsored by a member in good standing and is required to attend three functions before her/his application is submitted for approval by the board.


Our branch holds at least eleven official functions in a calendar year usually one for every month of the year except December.  Actual tastings of the wines and foods to be served at these dinners by the Wine Masters and their committee are conducted before every dinner, to carefully ascertain that they are properly matched. Some of these events are set aside for themed wine tastings.  We also hold occasional BYOB lunches and sometimes out-of-town trips to promote camaraderie amongst members in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Enhancing Value of Membership 

To further enhance the value proposition of our membership, we also offer our members special privileges that we solicit from leading wine merchants, restaurants, hotels and resorts in the country.  These privileges cover discounts for wine purchases at wine stores, accommodations in hotels and resorts, and discounts for food and waivers of wine corkage in restaurants.

Role in IWFS

The branch actively participates in IW&FS affairs and activities in the regional and international levels. Members not only attend regional and international festivals but the Philippines Branch also did its share in organizing them (Regional Festival in Manila in 1997).

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