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Membership Information

The Pasadena Wine & Food Society (PW&FS) is a member branch of the International Wine & Food Society, the oldest and largest independent gastronomic organization in the world, with 6200 members in over 130 branches around the globe.


New members to the PW&FS are nominated by sponsoring members, and will be eligible for consideration by the board after attending two Society dinners. Membership is official upon submission of final application and remittance of an initiation fee and first annual dues.  

PW&FS is a gentlemen-only society, but we do hold an annual Valentines Dinner and summer party with spouses/guests.  Our membership capacity is 50, and we historically have maintained a waiting list of qualified candidates.  We have created a new Jr. group (under 40 yrs old) with a cap at 10 Jr. members.   Jr. members pay 50% of the initiation fee and pay the guest dinner fee per dinner they attend.   


Our one-time initiation fee is $2,000.  It is primarily used as a wine assessment.  Current annual dues are $880, which include the $65 annual membership fee to the International Wine & Food Society (our parent organization), and Society dinners during the season.  Generally, the dues will cover four dinners during the season: three members-only dinners, and the member portion of the spouses/guests dinner.  The Board strives to organize other more casual events aiming to build closer camaraderie among members and to offer exclusive access to the growing culinary scene in Greater Los Angeles. 

Members who are unable to attend the announced dinners may receive a $50/dinner reimbursement if advance notice is given.  Members are eligible for a one-year leave-of-absence for a fee of $100.  Emeritus status is available to members who have been active for 10 years and are over the age of 70.  Emeritus members pay an annual fee of $100 and will be invited to all Society dinners at the stated guest cost.

 As with other venerable social organizations, the main benefit is the friendship and camaraderie built through common interests—in this case, a shared love for fine wine and good food.  A more quantifiable measure would be the depth of our wine cellar.  While ours is not an equity membership, it’s worth noting that the per-member value of our cellar far exceeds the cost of our current initiation fee.  A partial list of our wine cellar is available upon request.   The Society’s relationship with the culinary industry also provides for experiences reserved for the most elite connoisseur.

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