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 Meeting, 6-16-54 to organize the Wine and Food Society Of Pasadena

  1 – Mr. James D. Reynolds and Mr. Norman L. Goss, both members of the Wine and Food Society of Southern California, invited the following people to dinner at the Stuft Shirt Restaurant, 1000 E. Green Street, Pasadena, at seven thirty P.M. on June 16, 1954 to discuss the organization of the Wine and Food Society of Pasadena:


1- Ellis W. Jones, M.D.

2 – Mr. Harrison Chandler

3 – Mr. Thomas E. Gibbon

4 – Mr. Morris W. Mothershead

5 – Mr. Sheldon Riley

6 – Mr. William B. Stringfellow, Jr.

7 – Mr. Emerson Spear

2- Mr. Reynolds, Dr. Jones, Mr. Chandler and Mr. Goss attended. It was noted (from information obtained from the Wine and Food Society of Los Angeles) that an initial group of (10) ten charter members is required to apply for a charter in the Wine and Food Society. Those not present at the dinner had accepted the invitation to become charter members by phone. Dr.Jones suggested the name of Mr. Cheesewright as the tenth member and he was unanimously accepted by those present. Mr. Reynolds agreed to contact him and Mr. Cheesewright accepted the next day by phone.

It was also noted that Officers of the Society had to be elected before an application for a charter could be made. In order to expedite the application and with the intention that a subsequent election would be held, those present unanimously voted for the following officers:

1- Mr. Reynolds, Chairman
2- Dr. Jones, Vice Chairman
3- Mr. Chandler, Treasurer
4- Mr. Goss, Secretary

3- It was decided to call the original group of the charter members “The Board of Governors”

4- Policies for the future Society were discussed and it was proposed that membership in the Society be based on the rules and regulations as set forth in the Charter of the Wine and Food Society of Southern California. Furthermore it was stressed that the following should be the particular objectives of the Society:

A- Good fellowship.
B- Appreciation for good wine and food.
C- Historical interest in gastronomy.
D- Desire to try all types of cuisine and cellar.
E- Arrange a series of dinners throughout the year incorporating the above.

It was also suggested that the Society be kept small enough to be practical in its operations, but large enough to carry itself financially.

Mr. Goss was authorized to apply for a charter and to furnish necessary finances until such a time as the Society would be in a position to reimburse him.

5- The meeting was adjourned.




Respectfully submitted by the Secretary




Norman L. Goss