Americas Pasadena


The year 1954 contained many firsts for the booming city of Pasadena, California.  Michigan State defeated UCLA in the first Rose Bowl game to be televised in color.   Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory proposed launching the first satellite into space.  And at the Stuft Shirt Restaurant at 1000 East Green Street, the Wine & Food Society of Pasadena met for the very first time with a “desire to try all types of cuisine and cellar."

67 years later, as part of the International Wine and Food Society, our branch has carried on this proud tradition by hosting several culinary events each and every year.  These have included wine tastings, formal dinners, casual food and wine pairings and numerous trips to the many vineyards and wineries across California – from Napa Valley and Sonoma County in the north to others near the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego in the south.

For anyone looking to continue the legacy started by those ten Pasadena men in 1954, please visit the contact section of our website to learn about the specific rules and requirements of becoming a branch member.