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Visiting Major Wine Regions
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Many IWFS branches hold most of their meetings as visits to restaurants. Berkshire Branch is different: we visit perhaps two restaurants per year, but hold most of our meetings at Neville Hall, Waltham St Lawrence (between Twyford and Maidenhead). These events are wine tastings, sometimes given by members but more often by people from the wine trade, and also include a meal designed to complement the wines being tasted.

There are about eight of these meetings per year, normally on the penultimate Friday of the month. On arrival, members and their guests are welcomed with an aperitif (often a sparkling wine). There follows the tasting of usually eight wines. The typical attendance is 35-40 people, and two bottles of each wine are used. Some nibbles or sometimes more substantial canapés are served with this tasting. Then we enjoy a meal, either starter and main course or main course and dessert, accompanied by one or two supper wines. We are fortunate to enjoy the services of a professional caterer, and the standard of food is very good. We have also found an ideal venue; the Hall has excellent kitchen facilities, is a comfortable size, and is located fairly conveniently for most members.

To see what meetings we have arranged for the future go to our EVENTS page on this website.

Most of our visiting merchants are happy to give their time. The wines are of course paid for. All our members are very interested in enjoying good quality wine, and are potential customers. Quite often members will order wines that have been shown; we usually collate these, so that a single order with one delivery address is made.

We maintain a web site, where you can find more details, including of recent and planned events. It is