Asia Pacific Western Australia



IWFS Western Australia is one of our most vibrant Australian branches in the IWFS family in the Asia Pacific.  The branch was formed on October 20 2011 with sixteen founding members and now has approximately 100 members.  It has the same founding date as IWFS world wide, which was founded by Andre Simon on October 20 1933, some 88 years earlier. In November 2010 they celebrated 10 years of membership and recognise this service by awarding current founding members with a special 10 year pin.

The Foundation Dinner for IWFS Western Australia was held on November 27 2011. Events are held on a regular basis where members can enjoy sharing food, wine and camaraderie at a wide variety of Perth venues. In addition to these events, the Branch holds wine education sessions, regional visits and charity focused dinners.  It has extensive links to WA-based wineries and makes use of these with premium wine events.

IWFS WA accepts both single and joint applications from all walks of life with a focus on enjoying oneself with like-minded members.  In addition to attending functions hosted by the Branch, members of IWFS WA have the opportunity to attend the various Regional and International Festivals hosted by other IWFS branches and zones from around the world.  Further, if you are visiting interstate or internationally you are always welcome to call on an existing Branch of the city/town and seek to join their events.

 If you are interested in joining the Western Australia Branch, please click on Contact Us.