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Full details to allow Members to register and sign-in to the Members' only pages were issued with the December 2010 copy of 'Food&Wine'.  You may also see an up to date copy by clicking here. In case you need any help your Branch Contact also has the details.

The first time that you sign-in you will need to give consent for the storage and processing of your personal information on our secure website. This step is not repeated when you sign-in subsequently. 

You are encouraged to change your assigned Password during this consent registration, although you may also change it at any other time by clicking on My Account at the top of any page after signing-on.  If you wish, you may also change your assigned Username, although the only opportunity to do so is during this inital registration.  However Usernames must be unique across the whole website so, if the alternate Username you select is already in use, you will be asked to choose a different one.  Please note that Passwords are case sensitive, while Usernames are not. 

If your Branch has not yet nominated a Website Administrator and would like to do so, please use the EAC 'Contact Us' facility on the Europe/Africa menu. We will send a Username and Password, together with instructions on how to manage the Branch pages. This will allow the Branch Website Administrators to add content to their Branch pages.