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Visiting Major Wine Regions
Visiting Major Wine Regions
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What we offer our members

    • Do you enjoy good food and good wine?
    • Do you love to relax with friends over a special meal?
    • Are you passionate about the provenance of your food?
    • Do you want to learn more about wine?
    • Is experiencing the best in local food and wine an important part of your holidays?

Then IWFS is for you!   

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Once you are a member of the IWFS you can enjoy all the following benefits:  

    • Attend IWFS events and festivals at home and around the world
    • Have access to the latest assessment of vintages from around the world via our unique vintage cards or App.  This information is highly regarded having been sourced from our expert wine consultants around the globe and produced under the guidance of our Wines Committee.  The ratings range from 1 to 7 (the best) and also provide guidance as to the drinkability of the vintages shown.
    • Have access to a Society App for your phone, tablet or computer for direct access to the vintage card and wine and food pairing guide
    • Learn about wines and foods of the world through local and international events in the company of friends who share your passion for wine, food, and education
    • Learn about wines and food of the world via our series of Monographs on subjects ranging from Modern Madeira to Spices of the World
    • Receive international and  regional news via The Global Grapevine (our quarterly online global newsletter) plus a copy of your regional quarterly magazine/online newsletter 
    • Get insider access to wineries and restaurants
    • Access insider travel information from contacts in existing branches
    • Access public liability insurance for the benefit of branches and members worldwide
    • Have access to accommodation at unique venues in London.

Our Publications

Europe Africa Ltd produces six publications  per year - 3 printed magazines and 3 online magazines, as well as periodic monographs and a digital app.

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Our Branches 

    • arrange wine tastings, wine and food events, and demonstrations of food preparation
    • visit and support regional food and wine producers, and increase our understanding of quality methods of production
    • provide mentoring and friendship to newcomers and foster camaraderie among members
    • encourage local restaurants through our IWFS Awards
    • encourage young chefs through various competitions and awards 

Our Executive Committee, through the activities of a number of its members, supports the William Heptinstall Memorial Fund, a registered charity, which sponsors an annual award to help young chefs further their careers through overseas stages.

Our Organisation

The International Wine and Food Society is a confederation of branches, organised into three Regions or Zones.  Each Zone is headed up by a Limited Company to which members in that zone sign up and pay annual subscriptions. Each branch operates under its own constitution, approved by its members and its Regional committee, and focused on the vision of our founder, André Simon. 

Europe Africa Ltd (EAL) through its Executive Committee (ExCo) co-ordinates the 32 branches, membership and events in Europe, Scandinavia, The Baltic States, and Africa.   It supports the development of branches within its Region, sponsors Regional events, encourages the exchange of ideas and event programmes between branches, and approves awards for special members and memorable occasions. It negotiates preferential rates for services related to wine, food and accommodation, and provides a quarterly newsletter to its members.

Branch Events cover many of these stages in the cycle of production and ultimate enjoyment of food and wine: Growing, Buying, Preparing, Tasting, Sharing, Celebrating.  Branch or Independent members attend local wine and food events, Regional and International festivals with a view to learning about wine growing and production, the provenance and production of food, wine and food pairing, and local culture. Education of members and support for students entering the food production or catering industry is a strong facet of the Society.

A group of like minded friends and acquaintances, numbering as few as 10 can set up a new branch as long as they meet certain criteria, and are awarded a provisional charter for two years to use the Name and Registered Mark of the Society.