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Visiting Major Wine Regions
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This calendar enables you to review the full range of Branch events for the whole Europe Africa Zone.   

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All IWFS members are invited to attend our regional events.

November Events

November 09, 2023
Theme A Tasting of Fine 1996 Clarets
Venue RAG
Date Nov 09, 2023
Join us for an interesting tasting of mature wines from the main left bank regions of Bordeaux.   They are all from the 1996 vintage and well known chateaux. more info...
November 14, 2023
Theme Is Chateau d'Yquem the Best?
Venue The Army and Navy Club (RAG)
Date Nov 14, 2023
A comparative tasting of some of the best mature sweet wines in the world. more info...
November 15, 2023
Theme EAZ African Adventure
Date Nov 15, 2023 to Nov 20, 2023
Click here for ful details.  This event is now wait listing. more info...
November 17, 2023
Theme Fish Cooking Class
Venue School Kitchen
Location Birmensdorf ZH
Date Nov 17, 2023
Time 1830
November 23, 2023
Theme 90th year celebration
Venue Aspire
Location Trafford College
Date Nov 23, 2023
Time 1800 for 1830
NOTICE_FOR_TRAFFORD_2023.docxIWFS_Booking_for__90_Aspire__Nov_23.docx more info...