Asia Pacific Victoria


IWFS Victoria (Australia)

The Victoria Branch of the International Wine and Food Society was the first branch formed in the southern hemisphere and the sixth branch formed in the world.  The branch received its Charter from London on August 5 1936.  The founder of IWFS, André Simon, became a close friend of many in the Victoria Branch.  In particular, Victor Gibson of the Victoria Branch was a close friend of Simon’s, and was later asked by André Simon to take over as the second President of IWFS worldwide, which Gibson did.

Victoria is one of the largest branches in the Asia Pacific Zone with just over 100 members and currently has a waiting list for entry.  We are a dual gender Society, and accept both single and joint applications.  Our members are keen attendees of the various Regional and International Festivals hosted by other IWFS branches from around the world.

Our events encompass a diverse range of experiences, including quarterly gatherings at fabulous restaurants in Melbourne and charming regional restaurants. We also host intimate small-format dinners, curated specialised tastings, and engaging wine and food masterclasses, all enriched by the remarkable expertise within our branch.  We also hold an annual black tie André Simon ‘Seven’ Dinner, where we drink only those wines from vintages rated the top score of 7 out of 7 according to the IWFS Vintage Chart.  We take our wines seriously and our members benefit from having access to an enviable and growing cellar of diverse wines from France, Germany, Italy, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are interested in joining the IWFS Victoria Branch, please click on Contact Us.