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Under the leadership of founding president Professor Chris Chien, and assisted by Eddie Hu of the Taipei Branch, IWFS Taichung (Taiwan) was founded on June 28 2014 with twenty two founding members.  We now have two branches (Taipei and Taichung) on this gorgeous, bustling, ethnically diverse island of Taiwan off the coast of China.  Pei means north and Chung means central, hence Taipei in the north and Taichung in the centre of Taiwan.

Taichung City is a little different to Taipei City, with a smaller population of 3 million and a somewhat more relaxed feel.  It is about 50 minutes by Fast Train from Taipei.  Taichung was once the capital of Taiwan (when named Dadun) before the capital was relocated to Taipei City.  There are some wonderful foodie destinations in Taichung.  It is exciting to know that one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia, Le Moût, is located in Taichung – the Chef of Le Moût won the award in 2014 for Best Female Chef in Asia.

The founding of the Taichung branch was preceded by a special pre-opening dinner on May 21 2014 at the gorgeous Wein modern Shanghainese restaurant - an amazing feast.  It was at this meeting that APZ Chairman, Yvonne Wallis, met prospective members.  It soon became very clear that the Taichung branch would be a vibrant, youthful and extremely enthusiastic branch with a strong desire to share and enhance their wine and food journey as well as to have a great deal of fun in the process.

The inaugural dinner was held on June 28 2014 at La Pala Vinoteca, an intimate, upscale, European style wine and tapas bar.  A fabulous evening was enjoyed by all.  The Asia Pacific Zone is delighted to offer a very warm welcome to Founding President Professor Chris Chien and founding members of IWFS Taichung.

Taichung is a young, professional, dual gender branch whose members are clearly very excited about pursuing their keen interest in wine and food.  The branch will meet locally about 6 times a year.  Members can also enjoy the opportunity of attending the various festivals offered by IWFS in the Asia Pacific Zone as well as festivals in the Americas and Europe/Africa hosted by our sister zones.  See their events by clicking on the Events menu above.

Membership is by invitation only.

If you are interested in joining the Taichung Branch, please click on Contact Us.