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IWFS Seoul is one of the newer branches in the IWFS family in the Asia Pacific.  The branch was formed on September 20 2011 with ten founding members.  It is the first branch IWFS has formed in Korea.

The Founding President, Jinhwan Jung, was travelling in Bordeaux when he met the Vice President of the Asia Pacifc Zone of IWFS.   After establishing a common passion for both cycling and wine and food, and after hearing about the the wine and food festival that was about to take place in the UK, Jinhwan's appetite was whetted to be a part of the International Wine and Food Society.  The rest is history - IWFS Seoul was formed three months later with ten like-minded members residing in Seoul.

IWFS Seoul is a dual gender Society.  In addition to attending functions hosted by the Branch, members of IWFS Seoul have the opportunity to attend the various Regional and International Festivals hosted by other IWFS branches and zones from around the world. 

Events are held every three months, and are often timed to coincide with the steady stream of international visitors from other IWFS branches aroind the world.  Venues vary, quite often showcasing the best examples of Korean food, but a consistent theme is the enjoyment of great food, wine and camaraderie with members.

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