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IWFS Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The Kuala Lumpur Branch of the International Wine and Food Society is almost 70 years old.  It was formed in June 1952 by a group of friends, each of whom were serious wine & food aficionados.  In those days, wine was rather difficult to source so whisky, cognac and gin often supplemented the liquor on offer at the dinners.

In those early days, our regular dinners were held in private residences.  These days, given the expansion of the group over the last 30 years, functions are usually held at restaurants in order to accommodate as many members as possible.

From small beginnings, the branch has expanded from twenty five members in 1970 to around 90 members today.  We are one of the largest branches in the Asia Pacific Zone.

Dinners are held once a month.  We enjoy a great diversity in styles of cuisine:  Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indian and other regional cuisines, not to mention all the Western inspired styles both with and without an Eastern influence.  We also hold a President’s Charity dinner every December and over the past number of years we have raised in excess of US$250,000 for charity.

In the past few years, many wine agents have set up shop in Kuala Lumpur which has enabled us to have access to a wide range of wines for our dinners.  The Branch has also established a good wine cellar which covers wines from all regions around the world.

Members of this branch have the opportunity to participate regularly in the various Regional Festivals held by the Society within the Asia Pacific Zone, as well as International Festivals held around the world.  The Kuala Lumpur Branch hosted a hugely memorable Regional Festival in late June/early July 2013.  

We would be delighted to hear from any members from other branches who might be passing through this region. We are a bunch of friendly and welcoming friends who enjoy our dinners in a wonderful ambience.  While membership is by invitation, we also welcome any interested lovers of wine and food to contact us if they are interested in joining our branch.  To get in touch, please click on Contact Us.