Americas Phoenix


Founded in 1962, the Phoenix Chapter is a branch of the International Wine and Food Society initialed in 1933, in London, England. The International Wine & Food Society (IW&FS) is the world’s oldest and most renowned gastronomic society, with more than 8,000 members in 150 branches in 40 countries.

The Society’s mission is the promotion of a broad knowledge and understanding of both wine and food, the enhancement of their appreciation, and the nurturing
of camaraderie among those who share the pleasures of the table. The membership of the Phoenix Chapter is limited and by invitation only.  The number may be increased from time to time by approval of the members.A series of six dinners is offered during the year for members and their guests. Special luncheons and wine tasting affairs are also arranged on appropriate occasions. These meetings are held at clubs, restaurants and resorts in Phoenix and the surrounding areas that are able to meet the rigid standards set by the Society. The Society maintains its own wine cellar of unique and sought after wines, enabling its members to enjoy wines from around the world.

Appropriate attire is worn by members and guests at all official dinners. No cocktails are served. An appropriate wine is served with each course, and these wines are the best obtainable. Each dinner follows a precise ritual as to punctuality in starting, prohibition of smoking before coffee is served, and the absence of speeches and entertainment. No effort is spared in making each dinner a gastronomic experience.