Americas Niagara


The Niagara Branch of the IW&FS was established in 1984 by Betty Van der Ree with the help of her husband Jan. Betty had previously been instrumental in the establishment of the Toronto branch.

The branch meets once per month for an event centered around the appreciation of wine and food with like minded friends. This could be a multi-course, muti wine dinner, a wine tasting, or a specfic food theme. It could be in a restaurant, someone's home, a winery, etc.  The events are planned by the members, with a volunteer executive committee that oversees the organization of the events and the operation and finances of the branch.

As Niagara is a wine producing area, with  strong wine and food tourism in the region, we have access to a great variety of resources. Having a group of currently 100 members keenly interested in wine and food will chefs, winemakers, etc. to put on a special effort for our group.

Prospective members have to be invited by a current member.