Americas Houston


The Houston branch of the IW&FS was organized in 1964, through the vision of 20 local wine and food lovers.  An official charter was granted by André Simon in January 1965.  Today, there are 125 active and loyal members who enjoy a monthly wine and food experience at one of Houston's many fine restaurants.  Wines for events often come from the branch cellar, its 1500 bottles a source of pride.

Typically, we hold an event each month, and these can range from casual to formal, from wine tastings to seven course meals.  The camaraderie that results from this social dynamic is very special, creating decades-long friendships.

Our members enjoy the opportunity to attend IW&FS sponsored festivals around the U.S. and around the globe, offering an unequaled opportunity to make new friends and enjoy great food and wine in new and exotic locales.

With 80 branches in the U.S., a member on the go need only contact the local branch, and when calendars permit, enjoy the kinship of another branch's hospitality.