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Welcome to The Wine and Food Society of Boston

We are one of the oldest chapters of the The International Food and Wine Society

The Society is an educational and social organization.  Throughout the year, our members host 5 to 10 events for the Society, consisting of wine tastings, dinners, seminars and 2 gala black tie events. Our events are for our members only and their invited guests.

Wine, Food and Friends

THE WINE AND FOOD SOCIETY OF BOSTON, INC. was established in 1935, and is basically an educational organization.  It provides its membership with opportunities to taste, understand and know wines and the culinary arts in the company of individuals of like interests.  Its membership mainly consists of those who have no professional association with gastronomy, but enjoy it as an expression of the good life.  The Memorandum of Association of the founding organization in London notes its objectives thus:

 1.           To bring together and to serve those who believe that a right understanding of wine and food is an essential part of personal contentment and health, and that an approach to the pleasures and problems of the table offers far greater rewards than mere satisfaction of appetite.

 2.           To raise the standards of cookery by organizing periodic dinners and luncheons at hotels, restaurants and clubs when the fare and wines will be happily partnered, and when deserving chefs will be accorded a fair measure of articulate appreciation, or by such other means as the Society may decide.

3.            To promote a wider knowledge of the wines of the world and a more discerning appreciation of their individual merits by means of periodic tastings and visits to various vineyards, or by such other means as the Society decides.

Society members, organized by the Board of Directors, plan a program of events, usually one per month, from September through April.  Dinners of varying types and sizes, wine and food seminars, and day-trips enliven the Society's schedule.  Other events of a distinctive nature are planned to widen the knowledge and enjoyment of the membership.  An appropriate covering charge is made for these events and for guests (when places are available).

 Our Society is one of the oldest overseas branches of the International Wine & Food Society in London, and our members are invited to partake in its functions when abroad.  A Journal, reporting the activities of the worldwide Branches, is sent periodically to all members without charge.  You will also receive the “Wine Food & Friends” publication which reports on proceedings from the Branches and provides information on upcoming festivals.