Americas Birmingham


The Birmingham Branch of IW&FS was founded by Dr. Stacy Childs on November 21, 1988 with 22 charter members. In addition to Kris and Dr. Childs, the other charter members were: Mary and Edward Baich, Donna and David Black, Rossi and Frank Cobb, Daryl and Robert Davis, Pat and Wimberly Miree, Nicki and Robert Naftel, Nancy and Paul Nagrodski, Cathy and Gordon Pate, Frances and Frank Stitt, and Becky and Lee Weathers. As of 2015, our current membership is 149.

The Branch is managed by our President, Ted Stuckenschneider, our Branch Contact, Wimberly Miree, our Secretary, Martha Griffin, our Treasurer, Jennie Whitman, and a Steering Committee consisting of nine members: Peter Curtin, Charles Fry, Howard Goldberg, Martha Griffin, John Mayer, Wimberly Miree, Robert Reinhardt, Ted Stuckenschneider, Sam Wasko, Wendy Watts and Jennie Whitman.

We typically hold 6 to 8 events per year, including wine dinners at the best restaurants in town and one or two wine tastings. We end each year with our Annual Meeting/Holiday Party to which attendees bring good wines from their own cellars to share with all and enjoy a buffet dinner. Our new members, which are elected a few weeks prior to this event, are invited so they will have a chance to get to meet a large number of our members. Membership is by invitation only.