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Restaurant Awards

Application forms for IWFS EAZ Restaurant Awards  can be found here.   These should be filled in and sent to the EAZ Awards Officer by post or Email.

There needs to be supporting signatures from 50% or more of the IWFS members attending the Restaurant Event. We are pleased if guests enjoy the Event and Restaurant but we are sorry, the signatories do have to be IWFS members. Maybe our guests would like to join and become members too.

If the signatures required are difficult to collect, then please collect them by email and forward them as detailed for the members Awards application.

If you have any queries or comments please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Tricia Fletcher                  EAZ Awards Officer                                                   
West Bank, 1a Wood Road Lane, Bury, Lancashire, UK. BL9 5QA

Tel:        01204 884 934  Mob:     +44 (0) 7711 39 66 89


Date Restaurant  Chef Supported by





20th October 2019 Lunch


Cuina Catalana

 Julià Costelló

Fernando Marques

Christine Redman Manchester Branch


14th October 2018

85th Anniversary Dinner


 Lisa Goodwin-Allen


Northern Branches



18th September 2018


 Next Door

Richard Nuttall

Victoria Nuttall

Paul Bishop

Merseyside & Mid Cheshire

14th July 2018




Warren Willis

James O'Neil


Paul Bishop

Merseyside & Mid Cheshire


4th June 2018



The Ninth

Jun Tanaka

Piotr Maruszczak


London Festival

24th May 2018


Adam Reid at

The French

Adam Reid

Christine Redman Manchester Branch

27th March 2018 


Gauthier Solo

Gerald Virolle

Alexis Gauthier

Ari Sofianos

St James’s Branch

30th January 2018


Core by Clare Smyth

Jonny Bone

Clare Smyth

Ari Sofianos

St James's Branch






 Awards are listed for 3 years from event date